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    Idea for new mutants and reactor.

    Hey, Kobojo! What about new mutants or reactor in Soviet Union subjects. As you know a lot of players from Russia and CIS countries. And for us it would be very nice to see tesla trooper or battle bear or comrade Stalin as new mutants in game.
    Sorry for my english.
    From Mother Russia with love.B5ocgUsSwV4.jpgmQZPKbBCpqg.jpgRA2_Tesla_Trooper_Wallpaper_2.jpgraz_tesla_tank_by_harry_the_fox-d5ujpbv.jpg26.jpg

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    copyright of the people wo made command and conquer :P

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    Image exemplified the style of new mutants. Not copying or plagiarism. Only idea

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    Very nice idea, USSR theme is legendary and have many fan's.
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    Look more like starcraft and marvel hero .(sr for bad english)
    Thumb up for that sexy lady

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    I see possible reactor skins for: Haggis, The Devourer, Robot, Thunderstruck, and Startrooper...

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    Too many cyber genes william parr but good thinking haggis would be awesome maybe on a unicycle lol joke the boss would be a general kinda like stalin so hed be powerful to inspire his people bht hed be ultra slow or make a collective mutant like communism idk lol im American btw but it would be nice for more cultural themed mutants like baba yaga

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