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    Update: New Rewards in the Challenge Hall

    Dear Psy Captains,

    This week some changes will be implemented in the missions of the Challenge Hall.


    • Some missions will grant you more than 1 token! You can get up to 10 tokens on the hardest missions.
    • Due to the increase in amount of tokens earned, the prices of all the items you can buy using Challenge tokens will be increased. For instance, the highest prize will now cost 180 challenge tokens.
    • It will take considerably less time to accumulate tokens than before.
    • Rakk 'n' Ruin will be replaced by an exclusive new mutant!

    On overall, this change will allow you to gather tokens at a higher frequency, while giving you the ability to get the prizes you want faster!


    Finally, we inform you that the next Challenge will start on July 13th. Prepare your team for that day, and win a maximum of tokens!

    Best Regards,
    The MGG Team
    Last edited by [K] Hugo; 07-01-2015 at 05:19 PM. Reason: Due to some last minute changes, unfortunately, the date of implementation of these changes is not clear for now.

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    Hello Pogolina

    Its Perfect news for us, I am Waiting this UPDATE.

    Thanks for you hard work.

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    Thats Good....
    But Need to Change Normal Rewards Too Such as XP Bar Med pack etc with Orbs or Something

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    Yeah That's right. And change rewards in PvE too

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    First of all i want say thanks for Your work and attempts to improve the game :)
    That's very interesting, but first we should look this in action. And then will be clear, this is good or bad changes.

    One more thing, in some company levels (in Supra and Mega Division) there are rewards in tokens from challenge hall. Will You increase they quantity? I think it's should be done. It seems fair as for me :)

    I hope to see even more interesting things in the game in future. Keep it up

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    Just wonder is there any other way to get rank n run?

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    Hey Psy Captains,

    Due to some last minute changes, unfortunately, the date of implementation of these changes is not clear for now. We will update you as soon as we receive further news.

    Thank you for your understanding,

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    That's good,but put some level 2 or 3 orbs in Challenge Hall.

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    i like this,you have to take consideration about reactor token also . pls make some changes so that we could get it in a less time

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    Hmmm!!! Well Well Well.. That's good Kobojo.
    Add new Orbs in Challenge Hall it may help to psy captains... and add Jackpot Tokens in the Challenge Hall....

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    I'm a relatively new player and have not spent any tokens since playing. I have 38.

    Should I spend them now or do these become depreciated in value with the price increase? For instance, I can use 30 to get 2x reactor tokens now, but if after update, it will cost 60, then I've been cheated.

    I assume kobojo won't retro reward you with additional token for missions already completed.

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