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    Quote Originally Posted by Lextar Kane View Post
    I'm a relatively new player and have not spent any tokens since playing. I have 38.

    Should I spend them now or do these become depreciated in value with the price increase? For instance, I can use 30 to get 2x reactor tokens now, but if after update, it will cost 60, then I've been cheated.

    I assume kobojo won't retro reward you with additional token for missions already completed.
    The tokens will still be worth the same. The prices for the items will go up but so will the amount of tokens you can win. My advice is just to save them and use them to purchase the legendary mutants that come up in the Challenge hall. It will allow you to complete some lines of bingo and get gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalia Sharpe View Post
    And don't forget you can also win Rakk 'n' Ruin by completing the Legendary bingo card! :victorious:
    Well, technically you can, but in actuality you can't. As of 1 July, 2015 you still can't complete the card because it's missing the NG and MS mutants, which not only prevents you from getting Rakk, but also keeps you from picking up Sun-Duke and Neo Urban XIII. It'd be nice if they'd get that little hitch fixed sooner rather than later, seeing as how Rakk is now effectively unavailable.

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    For any who didn't notice, Pogolina's initial post has been updated to say that the Challenge Hall will start July 13.

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    Thanks for the admin. support~

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    thanks kobojo you are working hard to make the game more perfect each day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim Jack View Post
    For any who didn't notice, Pogolina's initial post has been updated to say that the Challenge Hall will start July 13.
    They already put the prices up!!! And I've been cheated as I was hoping for more response before spending mine.

    I would have bought 2 reactor tokens for 30 challenge coins. Now it will cost me 70!!! Really annoyed :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Nam View Post
    Just wonder is there any other way to get rank n run?

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    update is good .... but kobojo what about silver stars ,they are not in both pve and pvp . i hope anyone would respond

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    ok try denying this you have upped prices on some stuff or rather reduced the value of what you can get....... the 3rd highest prize used to be 2x 7 day 200% xp boost...... now 3x 3 day. So it has gone from 14 days down to 9, the number of tokens has sky rocketed and we will be able to earn tokens faster........ now here is my bet, the amount of tokens you can earn will not be equal in ratio to the old packs and it will take longer to get the good stuff.

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    Seriously People you told us that the cost for rewards will be changed as soon as new challenge's starts, But you have already doubled the Cost for rewards. WhY??? either you shouldn't have changed the mutant or waited for 13th of july, already increasing the cost is totally unethical. Please can i get my 15 tokens Back.

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