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Thread: Satyr Shaman

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    Satyr Shaman

    how do u get it?

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    You cant, it's the next pvp reward.

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    You must be new here....

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    get in the top 10% in arena and wait 2weeks

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    Only know four ways to get Satyr Shaman early.

    1. Light a candle and say "Satyr Shaman" in the bathroom mirror three times and then blow out the candle. ( Does not always work, may need to repeat several thousand times)

    2. Post the 'Like' & 'Share' with other Psy Captains for the chance to win 1 of 5 free Satyr Shaman Mutants. (Your too late!)
    Congratulations to the following Psy Captains who were our Finalists and will each receive a free Satyr Shaman (Dec 5th)

    Satyr Shaman - Nathan Sampson – Winner
    Styr Buffalo - Droxkie Garcia - Finalist
    Lord Pan - David Pascual García - Finalist
    Aristaios - Mark Roth - Finalist
    Wanderer Satyr - Kuroxavia White - Finalist

    3. Win 15 attacks in the top 10% then jump forward in time 13 days to the end of the PvP tourney.

    4. Buy the entire Kobojo company and then as their boss, force them to hook you up with every mutant.

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