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    Question Question about PVP

    I need to know why some time someone attack me 2-3 row time

    How they can do that ? or Can they choose someone to attack ?

    Plz help me for clear this doubt guys :(

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    It is possible to continuously run into players a few times in a row, it is much more common the higher up in the ranks you are.

    Players are matched with other who are in the same area of points and ranking. So if like me, I am in 50th place, I will only get matched up with people who are 40th to 60th place, so chances are, I will run into the same person over and over again.

    You can also skip opponents and sometimes they find you multiple times.
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    Yeah tell me about it .i was in the top 500 and next morning im in the top 2000 .that insane ritght? (sr for bad english)

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