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Thread: Live pvp mode

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    Live pvp mode

    Ive been thinking for a long time now and the idea keeps getting stronger and stronger but why not mame a live pvp mode this will challenge players as there will have to be a time limit set so no taking five minutes to decide youd have to think ahead of tge the curve and there wouldn't be a chance to pick a team based on your opponets genes theres more than enough players playing at any given time plus its more satisfying to beat someone actually playing against you obviously no tags would be allowed which would make it more difficult but more satisfying to do it on your own obviously the evo would have to be semi close but regular pvp seems to do that fairly well maybe have different "weight " divisions so evo 15s or whatever wont have to go against evo 400s lol also have like a revolving ban list those u cant enter or even like a suggested list maybe get a couple bonus points for entering like those that are barely used which you can sell in the store that people will buy cause they arent something they would normally have since there is limited rooftop space and they get junked its just an early morning no sleep idea idk i think it would be cool
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