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    Thank you all for your participating, we randomly picked 5 winners among all your submissions.

    Here they are, along with their messages:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bennie Smit View Post
    I should win one because my momma said so...
    Quote Originally Posted by Bas Suilen View Post
    I win Glubber, because that's the way it was written, so it shall be done!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wang Ran View Post
    I palyed MGG for over 2 year and I love this game very much! It is the only game that I play everyday.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mami Casd View Post
    I love it because I see it as a posthumous tribute to Robin Williams in the movie where glubber "the absent-minded professor" was

    me encanta ya que lo veo como un homenaje póstumo a robín williams en su película donde estaba glubber "el profesor distraído"
    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Mallery View Post
    Can't think of any reason I deserve anything for free. Just can't justify it. However, if you are going to just throw them at us, I will more than happily do my best to catch one without trampling, elbowing, or stomping on those around me in a cruel inhuman manner to try and get one.

    Thank you again for participating, happy birthday MGG!


    Sunday, July 26th 11PM CEST

    On July 27th, we will offer some FREE GLUBBERS! To participate all you have to do is tell us why you think you deserve Glubber in less than 140 characters!

    Good luck!

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    I play MGG for a very long time now (although i had a break). When i started playing there was no Mutant Reactor, no Orbs, no Challenge Hall, no Bingos. I stayed and im happy about it. I think i deserve Glubber, becouse im loyal and i would like to help you improve the game with my honest opinions :)

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    Actually I do not know who can and who can not earn Glubber, MGG game now for a long time, without ever having won nothing special, I'd say that I win something, then if I can not patience, at least I tried. :)

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    As a Pokemontrainer, i want to catch them all . And here this shiny Ditto is perfect to fulfill my collection, because i want to be the very best like no one ever was.

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    because im 43 years old, and i play mutant with my 3 nephew.
    THT'S WHY ^____^

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    I started play MGG many months ago, but I have never won anything! Please give me the possibility to win this time!

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    Glubber is the mutant that best represents me and my multiform personality, so I think that I deserve it to enjoy every battle in the Arena!

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    Not Much To Talk About,,,
    The Idea Behind the Glubber Mutant is Excellent.. Its Fantastic Transformation Power(not in attack) Make its More Glubby.I like it on mY Team Because of its Appearance For Sure.. And I Love It Very Much :)

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    I don't know if i really want it or not......hmm looks nice and good. maybe it should be given to a new player, so that at least they can actually use rather then being frozen away by high level players

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    I win nothing yet in no way, so it´s time to get Glubber! Thank you in advance! ;-)

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