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    Im is 105 level in MGG , i like this game and Glubber is the mutant that best represents me and my multiform personality, so I think that I deserve it to enjoy every battle in the Arena! i have 1254 MGG friends in facebook anf i help them i hope to win this nice mutant

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    I want Glubber to intimidate my enemies on PvP fights and to make him strongest mutant.

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    i play since the first day of this game and at every contest i had never won anything.......i want this prize and i want this glubber also because is a mutant that is funny ahahahah

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    Always be ready for new challenges and try hybridization of mutants stronger and try to always aim higher

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    Playing this game since the start has allowed me to become part of a great community Being part of a community means actively giving feedback and trying to improve the game, I feel like I deserve this reward because I'm extremely loyal!

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    I think this game is wonderful, every day my train mutants in the hope of winning more stronger.
    All you possideo is thanks to a bit of sacrifice and hard-earned money so I would like Glubber!

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    i was lately hacked so i need necro's and galactics for i only have mythic,saber,cyber so i need necro and galactics very badly for he is the best chance to get both my necro and galactic genes so plz give it to me

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    I deserve a Glubber because I love Mutants. I play in on my phone, and on my computer. I am always playing.

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    Because glubber is life. Also because i play pokemon and i breed everything with a ditto so maybe i will be able to breed everything with glubber to.

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