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    I really don't know. I've never won anything despite having tried many times to the slot. I hope so

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    Adding a Glubber to my family of mutants will allow me to teach him powerful attacks, as well as best defenses to combat the evil mutants trying to take over the world - PEACE through Superior FIREPOWER.!!!

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    I have been playing for a while now and would like to win a new character. Thanks.

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    It will be the first thing that i have won in this game....

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    I think I should win a Glubber because I am one of a kind.

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    I play since 2 years. and i still enjoy it , but i could need a nice new mutant, so i hope i get one :)

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    I'm a mutant collector so i want it to be my next Crew in my rooftop because it's very unique mutant.can imitate another mutants form and looks interesting

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    I've been playing MGG for quite some time. I never usually play time-based F2P game because of all the little micro-transaction but I think the game is good enough to see past all those aspects and realise that a good, solid idea with good gameplay along with a company that listens to the people playing the game is a great recipe for a great game and community.

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    BECAUSE i like it and i want a good mutants team to fight you know i dont have much

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    I've been playing MGG for a long time now. I love the designs and dynamics. It's a fantastic game!

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    Glubber and I go way back, we are drawn to each other and it is important this love is fulfilled. Please give me the Glub!

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