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    The Nam,

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    New Buildings!! Looks good~ Is it the new version of Alien?

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    They are looked awesome and nice

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    yeah it looks like a more deadly

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    Is that how mgg look back in the old day. Wow thing have change...

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    ps ami me gusta el que esta orita todo es genial sin duda mutans hoy es excelente

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    lol the Zombie looks like Rendel in "Ugly Americans"
    and sometimes is the Retro look better then new

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    you should make a draw with some old copies ... because they were super cool (in some ways more beautiful and more attractive than today.

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    I love the art.

    Maybe its possible to bring this all as a Retro pack in the game like a Entire new grid of them? Like so the breeding center be a price instead of Gold ( or with Gold ) and it be like a free upgrade from Level 3 to the Retro one what could give another 25% cut on the breeding time.

    That way you Guys at Kobojo could use all the old designs, I personally like them kinda better then the new, but I also wish to keep the new once.

    I also thought maybe the Main Screen with the Rooftop could be kinda updated... I only guess the Reason Monster get frozen is the limited space, because it be to much to like animate every monster that is in the game.... so maybe we could make this.... like where we can click like on Level/layer of the building to store the Monsters inside the building instead of freezing them? That way only the one level that is clicked on will be animated. Like lets say 3 Levels and one Cellar where we can see the frozen once. The Squares could be unlocked by either Gold or Credits.

    My Idea would be like this

    - Rooftop ( has now 43 times 4 spaces so 172 Mutants could be put on if there where no other building like breeding center )
    - 3rd Level ( maybe could be used as above and the spaces bought by gold)
    - 2nd Level ( same as 3rd Level)
    - 1st Level ( maybe in the middle to place a huge arena and the other Gimmicks to entertain the Captains like a Trophy room?)
    - Cellar ( could be like a Dungeon or like a Fallout bunker or just a place to see all the frozen Mutants not needed on display )

    I just personally thought it be a good Idea, I em not that far in the game to have all of the Roof full of Mutants yet but I would really like to just go through the building level to like store my best mutants on the roof and the weaker one like on the lower levels.


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    The Zombie Looks nice.....and i like it....

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    Honestly all of them are awesome and I wish you would create more campaign cities because I finished the mega division a few weeks ago

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