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    Angry More friends missing!!!

    Seriously guys. Where the hell is the help on this? The problem was reported weeks ago. Tickets were submitted, and apparently something was done about it. All my friends that went missing, are still missing, and now new friends are missing too. Why is this a back burner issue? Should be first priority before too many players get fed up and quit the game. I know I'm pretty close to using that solution myself. PLEASE FIX!

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    Hi Jeff,

    The Team is investigating this and we will update everyone as soon as we have more information.



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    Logged into the game today and got the same thing; missing Friends, and lots of them. I had no idea the problem had been going on for weeks, though. Bottom line is this: we need those Friends, and Jeff is correct, you need to sort this out ASAP.

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    Hello Karr1981, I'm glad that you came here to give a thought on this issue but its been a month (which is the first thread started by Jeff at 11-14-2013) since this problem started for some of us that I can say as a "Chosen One" and I seriously felt jealous of my friend who got no problem with their game. Seriously, these are the only friends I got left......DAFUQ.png
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    It's happened to me too! I didn't know there was an issue and I logged in today and EVERY SINGLE FRIEND IS GONE! What is happening?

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    Had 200+ friends, then went down to 12 a month or so ago, now today, I'm down to 2!! BUT I can still swap gifts with the 200+, just cant request them as tag team members. I use to spend $$ on this game, but NO MORE until issue is resolved. PLEASE FIX!!

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