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    i advice given unto you , as I think it is impossible for you to remove all those who are able to get the 6000 gold and maybe they have spent in jackpots given to all users who like me the 5500 , of diferrenza indeed I even 500 I received -.- "

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    Okay! Well, that happened.

    Thanks for the info, Kobojo. I thought I'd somehow accidentally purchased a $100 worth of gold.
    I like you guys, but not that much!

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    is 6000 golds are take back by kobojo??i want to know..........:(

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    Kobojo make it fair at least, i suggest u to: 1) remove gold from those who received it(hardest way), or give it to players who didn't receive it maybe by request( send a ticket to the support and get your gold), i've recently seen an huge amount of players complaining about it and well they are right
    i could understand if the gold given was 500, but we are talking about 6000 gold, with 6000 gold people can buy Gold mutants, fill their mutants with orbs
    ,buy gold furnaces/forges, even if it doesn't seems it hurts the game balance.
    It is up to u now, i hope u'll consider this

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    A son with the same name of you :') what a idiot LOL

    Thanks Kobojo for the explanation; few hours ago i wrote about this question, but i didn't read about the glitch. It's right, in my opinion, to stop giving gold to others, like me, who didn't get it. Would be a great loss for your society. So , i was not lucky but it's fair. Regards

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    i think they should take it back from everyone, or give everyone it. the game is so unfair now, as if it wasn't hard enough to keep up with the people paying to play.

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    it kwel lat it happen agien we all would love the gold
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    Kobojo, something needs to be done about this. The players that were accidentally given the 6,000 gold were given a huge advantage over the players that did not. I mean that is almost $100 worth of gold. Either take away the gold, or the items and mutants that were purchased from the players that got the 6,000 gold or compensate all the other loyal players out there that play your game with something of equal value. We feel ripped off. You have to see that this is not fair to the people that did not get the gold. It wouldn't be an issue if it was like 100 gold or something but 6,000 is a huge advantage over everyone else. Come on Kobojo, help us out here.
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    I feel really sorry for dear Kabojo.. a very bad situation and in your anniversary :( :(
    But I know you're too great to handle that the right way and get over it safely with all players satisfied and no big lose for you :)
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    I really don't get all the whining and complaining about this, do the ones complaining also think when someone wins the Jackpot for gold its unfair?

    I know you think that's different but it really isn't, its all luck! Throwing childish fits something like this is ridiculous :(

    I can relate to the parent above with one child getting the benefit and the other missing out also but I see no reason to whine and complain about it. My children understand it wasn't intentional (daughters 9 and 11) and the one that didn't get the gold is happy for the one that did. Children raised right might be disappointed but they will get over it and something like this gives a parent the opportunity to teach them, a parent whining about something like this sends the wrong message to their child. If the crying is all that bothers you spend some cash on the game support the developers and make your child happy.

    Truth is it sucks that everyone didn't get it, I could definitely have used it to catch up and my youngest daughter would have loved it but that's just fine, we will survive :) As far as fair goes well there really isn't a way to make the game *fair* for all of us anyway, because of differing budgets, length of time on the game and those lucky enough to win the jackpots.

    If you all get to complain the rest of us get to "Preach from the Soapbox"
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    by that ....thoise who diidnt get gold give them

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