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    Change Reactor bosses' Star

    Hello Kobojo team i have a suggestion:
    Why not change Reactor Bosses' star(Hanzo,Marvelous,Neo Urban,etch) into platinum?if all Mutants(minus Reactor Bosses' and exclusive)already have platinum form,The reactor bosses will lost their popularity in the World Arena because Platinum mutants will replace them in the Arena.And one more thing if all Mutants(Minus Reactor Bosses and Exclusive) already have their Platinum form you must upgrade Exclusive or Zodiac mutant that have same stat as Gold mutants into strong as Platinum mutants and Upgrade some Exclusive or Zodiac mutant that have lower stat than Gold mutants into Strong as Gold mutants so they won't lost their popularity
    For Example:
    Nebulus and Eva's replication:strong as a Gold mutant into Strong as a Platinum Mutants
    George Washington and Zodiac mutants(minus Nebulus):Lower stat than Gold mutants into strong as a Gold Mutants
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