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    Mutants You'd Like In Shop

    This is just a thread to post mutants you would like to see in the shop. I really don't mind if it's for gold or credits. Personally, I would like to see Space Princess, Lady Harpy, Azog, Ghost Killer, Santactopus, Mexihcatl, and Engineer. Cheers!

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    Only mutant I need/want are Snow Mage and Jack O Lantern
    Mutant Reactor:
    Steampunk = 17 Spins, Gothic = 9 Spins, Girl Power = 5 Spins
    Superheros = 15 Spins, Japan = 5 Spins, Space Wars = 9 Spins
    Big Boss = 8 Spins + 1 Gold, Super Villains = 8 Spins + 1 Gold
    Movies = 4 Spins + 1 Gold, Elemental Squad = 10 Spins, Time Soldiers = 6 Spins

    Gods of the Arena: 7 Spins so far

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    I wouldn't mind seeing either of those. :)

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    Apex for gold not for real money

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    i only need wampara, also jock o'lantern will be back around halloween

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    snow mage and cupid..... and platinium tengu.......... last one mainly.......

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    I'm surprised this didn't get more responses haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Mitro View Post
    I'm surprised this didn't get more responses haha
    Oh it will
    I would love to buy the fighting pack if they replace exo cookie with apex .i will buy even if it 6000 gold

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    i want to have the one with cezane and azog love thios mutants

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    Considering the month, I'd propose to bring back Garuda, if only for the sake of completion. After all we see Uncle Sam on July. Also Cursed Rider in October (Halloween), hopefully in special design.

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    Yea Space Princess is the only one I need for Astro Magician. I'm getting decently close to having every mutant. I'm missing 21 mutants not including the new Goliath and Blue Captain Peace.

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