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    still waiting for wampara....

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    If anyone from Kobojo is reading this, I'd love to see Space Princess....:)

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    project x27 , birttany, wampara and the experiment but i dont think kojobo will ever sell them in credit

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    It would be cool if they could do a mutant of the day and add it for either credits or gold. I keep scouring the shop to find new mutants and some days there aren't any added. Just a thought haha.

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    The Darth vader Dire despot and the plumber are pretty sweet looking.

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    psycho chainsawer, engineer,santactopus,mexihcalt, i hope they cann sell them by less gold

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    Yes I definitely would be happy seeing any of those for gold. Abraham Lincoln, Psycho Chainsawer, Santactopus, Cupid, Cryonos, Jack O' Lantern, Azog, Fennec Plus Ultra, Snowmage, Mexihcatl, Engineer, Shinigami Painter, or ....SPACE PRINCESS! haha

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