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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam John View Post

    This morning I woke up and lost 5 battles in a row, all for -20 points.
    Each person that attached me was a sum level on EVO higher than me.
    Some guys had around the same point range, some had about 400-500 more points.

    When I attack them back, I only get 10 points. I just don't understand how it works?
    Same here :(

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    Idem : i loose many battles, attacked by better CE or higher level in classement, and i loose 20 pts each time.

    In counter-attack, i only win10 pts against them in case of win, i lose 20 pts more in case of loss....

    So what's the problem ? Do the rules have changed ? Do mutants platinium influence the result (cause i have one in attacking and defending team) ? And is so, i'd like to know how and why these change has not been clearly explained ?

    Don Lopertuis

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    Anyone with 5000+ points ever care to chime in on my previous question?

    How exactly are you scoring 100's points per battle?

    The current #1 player has over 114,000 points right now. A total of 500+ fights, 219 wins. That is an average of 500+ points per fight.

    How is this possible?

    I get beat by players who are within +/- 3 to 4 my evo level and lose 20 points.

    I attack people with an evo sum 3 to 5 over mine, got 10-20 points. I get attacked by a guy with evo sum 3 over mine and lose 20 points?

    What is this mysterious trick? Is it all about waiting till the first week is up, and then attacking? Do you guys next, and next, and next until you manager to hopefully find someone with an evo sum 20-30 over you? is that possible?

    The way the scoring has been explained on this board, no one should be scoring 500+ points per fight on average.

    I have had 324 total fights, only managed to win 160 of them. My current score is 1611. That gives me an average of 10 points per win. This is pretty accurate.

    Just today, I've done nothing but spend gold on my tags so I could get up to 1660 points. Within 10min, I was attacked 4 times, -20 each. Spent more gold to get up to 1640 or so. Attacked again within 5 minutes, and back to 1611.

    What is the trick? What is an actual strategy to accumulate so many points with so few fights?

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    Right now I only have about 4200 points, 160-60 W-L ratio. I am normally much higher but have been lazy this event. Plus the fact that I am only getting matched with lower evo opponents with the exception of Luffy, who I can not beat and costs me 170k credits to skip

    You get 100s per battle by beating much higher opponents. I am Evo 75 and have beat people with over 100 evo, this usually earns me over 300 points (my highest point earn so far has been 950ish).

    Lower evo loses you lose 20 points, higher evo losses are usually -5, however, I have noticed on rare occasions I lost 20 to higher evo. Not sure why, but it was not everyone that was higher, just a select couple players. Maybe some bug in the PvP system.

    There really isn't a trick, but I usually start as soon as possible; get into the top 100 quickly and stay there.

    I actually have never seen the points go this high before; not sure what happened. About half of the top 10 are legitimate players (Marco, Orlando, Tom, Antonius, Ronnie), but rest are most likely cheaters. I remember at one point 25000 points got me in the top 5.

    I find staying in the top 100 for me beneficial because not a lot of players attack me (higher you are, less different players you get matched with).

    Again, when I can, I fight higher evo players. Thats it.
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    Its hard for me to reach more than 1500 points, couse later i got usually paired with higher evo which i cant beat or even if i do i get only +10, and when i loose i got -20 ....
    Its a vicious circle and I dont want to waste credits to change enemies, and i have limited number of tags who can rally make a difference for me.
    I wonder how my friends with much lower evo than me got 2000+ points ;/

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