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    Statement: Technical issues & Downtime (23.07.2015)

    Dear Psy Captains,

    As you may have noticed in the last 24 hours we had a short maintenance. During the downtime we focused on resolving the most critical issue we were facing. Last night a glitch occurred which caused some users to receive a large sum of gold. Even though we are celebrating Mutants' 2 year anniversary and some Psy Captains understandably thought this was intentional - It was really a technical issue.

    We have been listening closely and would like to address some the most pressing questions:

    Q) Where did the Gold Buildings go?
    a) We have temporarily pulled the Gold Forge and the Furnace from the shop, we will make them available again, as soon as possible - we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Q) Why did I not get a large sum of gold?
    a) The short answer for this is: because nobody was supposed to get it. We are still analyzing the situation, to make sure that this does not occur again. Once again, we apologize for the whole ordeal.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience,
    The MGG Team

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    Hello Hugo,

    Well, thanks to explain this problem before i go to write my issue that i didn't get any gold. And I reckon that no inconvenience a bout that, Conversely most of psy captain are very grateful to you, but I think you are In a difficult position.
    You can repeat the announcement of the competitions 2 YEARS OF MGG - JOIN THE PARTY AND GET REWARDS! in fun page on Facebook anew, Each contest in it time in order that everyone gets a chance to get awards.

    This is my suggesttion
    Thanks a lot


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    Im going to miss u guy

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    I got the Golds, 6000 of em. And used it very carefully... We loved this glitch.... Make it happen again if you can... Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Raden View Post
    I got the Golds, 6000 of em. And used it very carefully... We loved this glitch.... Make it happen again if you can... Lol
    We call that a greedy approach (seeking short term gain) in programming. You might be loving it now and think it was great, but what if it caused huge amounts of losses to Kobojo, and Kobojo decided to shut the game down? Then you'd wish the glitch never happened.

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    Users Awaiting Email Confirmation

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    how they gonna fix this glitch ????

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    i got the 6000 (2500 before the 503 problem and 3500 after)
    but i hope kobojo will give 6000 to the other who didnt receive

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    So how do you expect us, the users, to handle the 6000 gold that fell out of the sky? Should I use it? Am I going to be "punished" in the future for using gold that I did not earn? For the moment I am not touching it. If you can subtract it, it is fine by me. But please do so, as soon as possible. You cannot expect us (or me, personally) to just watch 6000 gold sitting there and not do anything about it.

    If I may propose something. Offer something in the shop that will be completely unique. A new mutant or a new variation of an existing mutant that is not particularly powerful. Just unique. Price it 6000 gold. That way, we can return the 6000, and get something that will be pleasing to the eye, ethically rewarding, and will not change the balance of power among players. But it will have to be absolutely unique. Something that will send out the message "Only those who returned the gold, own this mutant".

    Just a suggestion.

    Cheers to all!

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    Users Awaiting Email Confirmation

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    Rongie Enricoso IV I didnt Get What Im Ecpecting To Have, But Im Not Disappointed Instead Im Thankful For a Good Game That Inspire's Us All.
    Ive Waited For So Long For This I Marked It On My Calendar But I didnt Have the Gift I Haved Expected a Long Time :'))

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    I dont know how MGG players can say "give me gold or i will stop playing" thats not a good player, it's just a glitch, not a gift, if you dont get it, dont worry, play every day, play legal, and you will be rewarded, i dont get the 6000 of gold, but i dont care, i love MGG and i'll not stop playing for that :)

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    I saved the gold because it looked like a glitch and saw the removal of the furnaces as a confirmation of this... I used my super impulse control powers to not spend it just in case!

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