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    Triple-B Secret combination

    Ok guys fire away.

    You can post your breedings here. Together were sure to find them!

    Although I already have Triple-B, I just want to know the secret recipe

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    My failures so far ...

    The Darkseer + Leech Lord = Dead Bot
    The Darkseer + Terrordoll = Android
    Terrordoll + Dead Bot = Dead Bot | Android
    Dead Bot + Terrordoll = Leech Lord
    Terrordoll + Zomborg = Leech Lord | Zomborg
    Cerberus + Sentry = Parasite Queen | Tutti Gooey
    Leech Lord + Dead Bot = Dead Bot | Zomborg
    CyberSlug + The Darkseer = Ghostmonaut | Dead Bot
    Colossus + Commodore Le Shark = Astro Surfer | Tutti Gooey
    Dead Bot + The Darkseer = Dead Bot | Zomborg
    Reptoid + Zomborg = Android | Undead Dragon
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    anyone get it

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    I am having a long breeding, so my trials must wait :-(

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    Stealth Bot + Dire Despot didn't work.
    Stealth Bot + Zombie didn't work either.
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    Neo Urban XII + absolem =
    didn't work

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    I'm done dozens of tries and nothing but trolls crapping all over the place, this event isn't worth the effort I wasted on it

    Hopefully someone will figure it out before I wake back up and share with the rest of us

    Good luck to all
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    well y heard u can get it with sentry+cerberus im trying that y dont know yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafael Toby Arellano View Post
    well y heard u can get it with sentry+cerberus im trying that y dont know yet
    Good luck with that one, I've tried it multiple times and so have others posted screen shots of the fail. One important thing to note is Sentry is not a breedable mutant and because of that its actually excluded from possible parents according to the patch notes if I remember correctly.

    Until you see a screen shot consider what you read to be a troll having fun at your expense
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    yeah y just tried a couple of times and failed every time

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    lady harphy + dilophoraptor = lady harphy
    Triying Planet Cleaner + Interceptrix

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