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    So you want more detail huh?
    Nio fogot to mention how the hell do mind tech control suddent appear in the story
    Here is how it go :
    To complete his plan urban need to complete a science project that no one ever could. It mind control device . He build this thing by looking at a zombie .he wonder how a dead body can live and walk when it already dead ? Ofc it because there is a virus take control of victim brain .so urban create a bunch of small microbot to act like this virus and control the brain .so this mind tech thing came from 2 gene necro and cyborg. His first mutant ever create is humongus and it work just like his plan it .the second mutant he work on is neo-urban that also explant why neo-urban have 2 main gene is necro and cyborg

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    Oh god .this is so unfair
    Zodiac is about to come out and it have a whole animated trailer and back story.this game still stading still like a pile of rock.
    Den abn plz finish this fan fiction for me .some one gotta do it right?

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    glad some one ask
    here how it end .
    urban get stoped by darwin when he came back (mostly him).
    i forgot what happen after that .he got capture or some thing.
    in the end eva and darwin want all mutant can live among human but that quiet made up alot of trouble
    So they think of new solution .they made them fight each other for entertaining and making cash .they event made mutant that look like come out from TV ,video game ....(and control them by using mind tech.the thing that urban wear on his face all the time ,maybe? ).they only care about money and entertainment (just like kobojo).Urban doesnt care about money .he have long list of stuff to do.(i would not mention about that list .it so damn long)

    here how thing relate to the game :
    life exanding pill :it health pack (work very well on mutant)
    the green line that every mutant have : it some thing to do with radiation (urban want Neo-urbanXIII to absorb and make more powerful mutant)
    star : it just a way to classify mutant
    and also mythic gene have some thing to do with the brain (i explaint later.or not)

    and yes gWorldz .human can work our way to get to the alien even without the space ship accident .but that just human evolution. that no story.could be boring as hell if thing go on that way and our main charactor wouldnt exist or useless
    That all for now

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