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    Add new Habitats

    Hi there, sorry for my bad english. I'm writing this suggestion since 3 months on the facebook official page: add new habitats and zones !!! Give the mutants world a new interface !!! New habitats, new zones... a new look. I wanted to initiate my girlfriend to the game but she doesn't want cuz she can't understand anything, mutants are too near. And.... really low spaces, i have a lot of mutants freezed... and if i pay i wanna show my new mutants... and i wanna show my old mutants too... please... consider my suggestion, it's a ridiculous problem. Thanks and sorry again

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    I have been thinking about this for a while now its a common request and I wonder if they might give us something like a Hall of Fame or or Museum that could display additional mutants coudl even make us pay for space in it if thats what they want ... bleh gtg will edit this later with more thoughts ....
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