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    Exclamation Challenge Hall Mutant

    Kobojo please bring leo heart in the challenge hall for 20 tokens please kobojo

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    yeah or u can give apex for 20 tokens and leohart for 40 tokens plz

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    Smile Leoheart in the Challenge Hall

    Can you please change lady harpy and put leoheart in the challenge hall please kobojo please

    Merged because you already made an exact same thread - Howard
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    probobly dude it will have take a month :/ ?

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    why have a month

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    i want cupid.

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    It would be nice to see zodiacs in the challenge hall. I'm just waiting on them to change it from lady harpy to something else

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    Jack Jones have been slayin

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    Unhappy Please Kobojo

    please Kobojo change the mutant in the challenge hall event and put leo heart or halbeard please kobojo please i beg you
    and please remove steampunk and put gothic back please kobojo

    Merged again. This must have been the 3rd time you made a thread for Leohart - Howard
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