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    Anyone Know how to get humongous?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey Terrones View Post
    Anyone Know how to get humongous?
    I posted earlier back on page 3 with one but that same combination resulted in an Undead Soldier for other psy-captains.

    TBH I think its more random than specific parents to get Humongous you should keep using mutants that have Necro and Galactic genes for the parents
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    after all this time and still nothing

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    Cursed Rider, Roses
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    Last minute cross mutations

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    Quote Originally Posted by John MacDonald View Post
    Mine's level 3. I've had about a dozen breedings, including numerous ones that were posted here. Not a single one was a mutant that wouldn't come about naturally with those breedings.

    I've been specifically trying Baron Lundi/Leech Lord. 3 tries, all failures.

    EDIT: 4 tries. All failures. I'm starting to think we got trolled on that one.
    I too had the same problem. mine breeding center is too at level 3 and i spent all my 900 gold to speed up breedings but didnt got any legendary or exclusive mutant accept crypt wraith which i already had =( =(

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