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    Since they're trial orbs they should be purchasable with credits, but meh what to i write this for? they never listen to their poor players

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    As far as Charged orbs go, I think it was executed in the wrong order... it probably would have been much better to introduce charged before the regular orbs... if it was done that way then you could have had room to play down the strength of regular orbs.. its great that the charged orbs are cheaper than regular orbs... I think it would be beneficial to release charged orbs with higher tiers at a faster rate, and possibly make a standard set of Charged available at all times.. of course for it to be profitable, the standard set has to be at the currently highest tier which is tier 3... Players may hate me for giving you the idea, but whether or not I even say anything on it... you would end up moving along this route anyways.. as I have no real voice in the grand scheme of things concerning your company.. IF you had a set of high quality charged orbs always within reach and always at a much cheaper price.... you could play up the prices of future permanent orbs... BUT in order to really make that pricing justifiable, you might have to start showing a difference in Orb values.. You could let the power increments of Charged orbs fall off and let permanent orbs increase with larger percentages as each tier is released... OR adversely, you could let the pricing gap close slightly with each tier up, BUT increase the power increments of Charged orbs over Permanent orbs per tier... as it stands... even though they are cheap.. they are not worth spending hard earned or saved gold on.. Unless we plan to make a defense team we won't change or use Offensively, I highly doubt that the Orbs will really kick off with the casual to heavy spenders.... they are impractical... Testing? Whats the point? We players usually have an idea of what we want to do with our mutants and how we wish to build them with orbs.. We are already past the theory crafting stages of this development.. Dedicating extra gold to a mutant in this form is a Loss either way... Charged or not... Orbs are Expensive waste dumps, especially to the competitive players that like the strategic layers.. But we will buy them... because that is how we keep up... Oh by the way... I personally made it into the top 10 in PvP and held the 2nd spot for a few days.. I find it rather interesting how there are players up there with up to 20 evo less than my own that can still beat my defense teams without a tag, or triggering my tags.... Even when using double speeder lineups, or double juggernaut lineups.. I can understand up to 15, or so... but around 20 evo.. without platinum investments... against a platinum team outfitted with tons of health orbs.. I find it rather hard for this to be so... and some of them have done it quite consistently..

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    when it will end him on shop ?? cos i'm just saving my golds to buy him

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalion199 View Post
    how about putting him on ordinary for credits only ???
    I would dig this!

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