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    Versione Italiana - Italian Version:

    Stanco dei soliti mutanti e di essere preso in giro per la sua poca prestanza fisica, Darwin decide di manipolare il proprio DNA con quella di una Belva, il risultato è una geniale e forte macchina da combattimenti.

    English Version - Versione Inglese:

    Tired of the usual mutants and being mocked for his lack of physical prowess, Darwin decided to manipulate its DNA with that of a Beast, the result is a brilliant and strong fighting machine.

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    A brilliant mind and lightning decision prompted Darwin to create a unique tool that allows you to temporarily change the human DNA in the rat, with the result that all human reactions increased in three of them, making a man dangerous to any opponent, but the unit has a side effect - aggressive inoperable!

    И на русском:

    Гениальный ум и молниеносные решения натолкнули Дарвина создать уникальный прибор, позволяющий временно менять ДНК человека на крысиные, в результате чего, все человеческие реакции увеличиваются в трое, делая такого человека опасным для любого противника, но у прибора есть побочные эффект - агрессивная неуправляемость!
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    Dr. claws

    cansado de siempre la misma gama de mutanta y con ancias de crear un mutante a mas de velocidad y fuerza decide esperimentar con sus propips genes para asi dar vida al Dr. Claws feroz.fuert y von inteligencia sobrehumana

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    Darwin the BEAST

    At a luau in Hawaii, Darwin found his love Kitty, a Beast. Kitty saw the full moon, jumped up, and ran. Darwin ran to catch her. Kitty caught Darwin, infecting him. Not wanting to end his vacation early, Darwin was last seen enjoying the Sun, Sand, and tourist. Aloha, thanks Kitty - Woof – Darwin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Hugo View Post

    Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

    To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

    • You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

    • Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

    • Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

    The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
    biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.


    1st position:
    500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

    2nd position: 500 Gold

    3rd position: 400 Gold

    4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

    Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

    Ready, Set, WRITE!
    luego de que darwin perfecciono su maquina durante muchos año ahora nos present su ultimo invento que fue provado en el mismo darwin la bestia ya que fue creado con varios adn y resulto exitosa el esperimento de darwin ahora no solo estara en nuestro laboratorio , tambien estara en batalla con nosotros

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    Darwin fue un científico muy brillante. Experimentando en cientos de diferentes mutantes casi todo el día, es un científico loco. Hasta que un día, creó una fórmula para mejorar las capacidades y el rendimiento de un mutante. Pero antes de aplicarlo a la mutacion, pensó, "¿Qué pasa si, es mi turno para ser mutante y luchar en la arena junto con mis mutantes?" Así que se inyecta la pocima a sí mismo entonces, Boom. Él es ahora un fuerte bestia mutada inteligente. Ahora es su tiempo para entrar en esa arena y demostrar que el es el mejor.

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    Darvin is One of mgg member but when he saw eva and urban are enter in arena to prove them self and when his DNA combine with wolf's dna he thought now he also got a power of mutant now he is come in arena to release the Beast With a Power

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    after breeding so much of mutants darwin think he should breed man with wolf and then the mutant get wolf hand ,legs and remainig body parts of man.One day darwin does some experiments on mutant and he fotgot to lock properly mutant in cage then the mutant escape from lab and runs towards jungle and now he is a mutants.. :p

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    darwin estaba investigando un fragmento de adn del eslabón perdido cuando empezó a pensar en que el baron urban y eva tenían sus propios mutantes, darwin aprovecho la muestra de adn y junto con un poco del suyo creo una nueva especie a su imagen

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    After getting permission from Eva, Darwin finally got his own mutant version. This mutant has two different strands of DNA combined: A wolf's, making it agile and deadly, and Darwin's, making this mutant incredibly intelligent (and handy at the art of making martinis!).
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    Was going to do a "Darwin mixed DNA one.."but lots of them so.... :)
    Darwin was in the lab he was ambushed by Baron and thrown into a mutagen canister that spilled all over him! When Eva arrived it was too late...Darwin had transformed into an awesome mutant and will stop at nothing to satisfy his bloodlust in the name of science!
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