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    Contest: Write this Mutant's Story & Win it! [Darwin]

    Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

    To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

    • You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

    • Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

    • Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

    The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
    biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.


    1st position:
    500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

    2nd position: 500 Gold

    3rd position: 400 Gold

    4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

    Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

    Ready, Set, WRITE!

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    im new here where can i write plss reply so i can participate :)

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    después de la creación de mutantes con adn humanos y no estar satisfechos con la fuerza que estos tenían darwin decidió crear esta mutantes con sus propios ADN haciéndolo mas fuerte mas furioso y sobre todo mas inteligente pero el experimente salio mal no podía sobrevivir haci que creo un corazón artificial nació ciberdarwin una creación casi perfecta esta en español pueden traducir para que se entienda si te gusto la historia suscribirte al canal
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    im new here where i can write in the thread im willing to participate :) plss reply

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    darwin was bored with being the scientist that why he transform into a beast in order to be triump at the arena

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    Title: Jim the Hillbilly Werewolf

    A strain of Fierce DireWolf DNA was discovered and a young and upcoming scientist made a mutant strain combiner with the wolf strain as the base. He was having the strain exported via a cheap delivery service which met with an unexpected accident and the strain combiner fell into the river which washed up near the house of the Jim the hillbilly, who assuming it was metal of sorts added to his shirt. During a drunk stupor fell of the ravine and the strain combiner activated leading to the birth of a fierce Hillbilly Werewolf.


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    After messing with genes, dealing with psy-captains, and doing back office work, Darwin felt like he was losing himself to his job… so he created Charles, his ape-self and Darwin-described missing link between apes and himself. Darwin is happy, as now a part of him is rampaging in the arena as well!

    (I wrote this on Facebook as well.. I had to shorten it a bit because I didn't realize it was over the 300-character mark, but now it's 299. I'm OP)

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    After cloning Eva Replication and Neo Urban, Darwin finally used his own genome to produce his own replicate. Obviously it was a failure so Darwin tended to obliterate it. Just as it was put in the incinerator, this abomination underwent the second mutation. It became a stronger, agile, and deadly as well. This poor mutant had its mind overwhelmed with the pain of being an abandoned object. And now, it is ready to show his vengeance in the arena as to seek revenge to Darwin. Behold! The vessel of Wrath is here for a ruthless slaughter!

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    darwin was doing a enpirnment on wolf in an accident he got mutate with the dna of wolf which was hunger for battel
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    As we all know,Darwin is fond of experimenting and customizing the mutants.He created a powerful portion to make the Monkey King unbeatable!But,Alas! His own foolish clone took the special portion mistaking it for a coffee cup.The result is in front of you.It has turned into a fearsome mutant which has sweared to spare no one in the arena.
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    darwin go to the lab for a experiment after the combination he decide to inject himself to perfect mutant after the injection he turn a strong and more powerful he ever create........ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR.......... .. the gene of this mutant is cyber-zomoorph i think this is my biography.....

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