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    Darwin try to make a new strong genes, but he made a mistakes. And this is the result!

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    Oh no, while trying to find a way of enhancing mutants natural abilities Darwin tested this device on himself. Now with enhanced mutant DNA in his blood he plans to leave no survivors in the arena. Do u think u can control Darwin add his wild transformation to your team today an wreak havoc in the arena.

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    From the middle east, a mighty monkey was fused with a human by Darwin, but the result was this powerful creature

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    Baron Urban's earliest cloning experiment created as a joking insult towards Darwin by combining his DNA with that of a lab monkey. A peculiar creature armed with incredible strength and intellect, yet amazingly short-sighted fascinations. It once got a hold of a price tagging device and wreaked havoc by inflation all across the Arena shops!

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    Seeing the threat that was Baron Urban, Darwin decided that it was time to end his evil plans. He tried to make a mutant out of the DNA of Big Foot. However, one of his hair entered the reactor and that monster was born. Possessing incredible strength, Darwin used a limiter to prevent it form becoming berserk.

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    Darwin was testing his latest invention, the Myogenetic Accelerator. A device which allowed the user to have accelerated muscle growth for enhanced physical performance. Darwin tested it on himself before he realized there were some traces of mutant DNA on the device it was already too late…

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    Darwin was a mad scientist who turned fauna into gruesome creatures using a radioactive chemical. One day, he clumsily injected the chemical into himself and found himself to be a furious mutant! His chest-piece was his own creation; made to manually slows his heartbeat in case of a rage attack.

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    darwin already made clones of eva and baron urban now he is experimenting on his genes making a beast type of himself and controlling it with a piece of device called (replonicator) to be abble to control its mutating state. that will sure to be competing in the arena and making his presence felt against the psy-captains
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    darwin used his gene to replicate as "Darwinoatant".but it made a failure. he then combined the genome with beast. under the circumstances a mutated beast-man thing came to was ready to give a tremor in the arena.

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    Darwin the tourist who got plane crashed and fell in the radiation island . One day he explored this island and got exposure so he became powerful beast.

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    Darwin invented a machine that could give him super hman powers but he accidentally used zoomorph gene instead of saber and here is the result. Now Darwin is causing a rampage in the arena.No one can stop him!

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