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    Durante años, Darwin dedico su vida a los mutagenos desde su niñez. Cansado de no poder experimentar lo que se sentia ser un mutante un dia decidio mezclar su ADN con la de Bestia, los resultados fueron tan catastroficos que ni el podia controlar tan inmenso poder. Descontrolado, esta bestia mitad humano mitad animal arrasara con todo mutante que se le cruze en la arena.

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    Title:Hells Darewolf

    A Mad scientist once did a experiment on humans.His experiment was mixing Human gene with wolf genes.He had almost finished the mixture of two genes.But accidently the mixture fall upon his son.His son became a wolf and thus Hells Darewolf was Born.


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    a great admirer of mutants fight, he decided to invest resources and research so that he himself became a mutant and fight in the arena

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    Darwin's plan was to make a machine that give him superpowers but something went wrong in the procees.He was starting to turn into a beast with sharp teeth,long hair and big fingers.Now he is trying to fix the machine to turn him back to human but until then he is joining the arena as the Beast.

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    after years of working in the genetic manipulation facility and hearing about baron urban transformation Darwin mixed the buranaka strength with the speed of the monkey king and created the ultimate serum..... But with the prohibition of humain trials Darwin used the serum on himself and voila he is here and ready to rumble in the arena
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    Tired of having to constantly protect his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this leprechaun decided to trade in his lucky clover for razor sharp claws. You need to think twice before trying to steal his lucky charms.

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    One Day I was very bored at morning then i make a new gene experiment with my own gene and i look like this hooooohahahahahah come and face me

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    Darwin was in the making esperimentos with DNA beasts when cut and blood was mixed with the DNA being tested , he did not realize WHAT had happened until incubate the larva ... generated when the larva out of the tube and he saw WHAT had done , he tried to lock the creature until it knew more about their abilities. Now the creature is free and ready to do battle in the Arena.

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    An unknown mad scientist combined the DNA of a beast and a human being to give life to this creature that has only one purpose in their existence: destroy, in the Arena, all mutants created by Darwin, the greatest enemy of its creator.

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    darwin go to the lab when she saw Eva lying on the floor and he saw footprints of urban neo XII Finally Eva dead and darwin promised to avenge last eva darwin conducted experiments on himself and changed as neo

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    Darwin's favorite pet beast died protecting him from an attack of one of Neo Urban's creations. As a way to always remember his fallen friend he decided to re-clone his fallen friend but as its DNA was missing key strands, Darwin had to supply some of its own. A creature of brain and fury emerged.
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