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    Wile trying to combine the destructive force of Buranka and the agile might of Monkey King, young Darwin a scientist like no other, accidentally sneezed onto the samples. The contaminated samples produced a mutant like no other, With the appearance of Darwin, but with the power and speed the mutants. His name is...

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    new mutant story

    My Story for him >>
    He was a action hero in his past life , but some other hero's jealous of his fame power , people loves him so much , so other hero give him some type of drug for make him ugly , and they got what they want ,
    now our hero lost his fame and all people who love him to watch , so he decide to go in Mutant genetic gladiator fight club for get fame again as a mutant hero !

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    Bitten by a rabid radioactive wolf while vacationing in hawaii, Darwin noticed his body started making drastic changes. With his new keen sense of smell and superhuman strength he set off to prove he could compete in the arena

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    Darwin go out in lab to get some fresh air,when he look in sky something is falling its UFO.He open it and a gooey thing came out and merge in him giving darwin a strength and greater strength.He destroy every thing in its path mutants and people until a huge sonic blaster fire in darwin,darwin and the gooey thing got separated.The gooey thing replicate darwin's image and have a strength and greater strength.

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    - El Canavar -

    The passion for wolves drove Victor crazy, and after a marathon of TV arena matches, he snapped, took a DNA sample from his pet, a Carpatian wolf and broke into Darwin's lab during the night. After he injected himself with a mixture of the DNA and mutosteron, colapsed and was found by the psi-captain in a deep coma, completely transformed in a half human-half beast hybrid. Darwin saved his life with a massive organ transplant, sustained by a cyber-core adrenalin rush, and gave him a chance too prove himself in the Arena.

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    Darwin estaba realizando algunos experimentos en su laboratorio para así crear mutantes nuevos con el gen animal
    pero por accidente derramó agua sobre los controles y estos explosionaron, Darwin trató de protegerse pero inhalo los genes así que su adn se mezcló
    y termino creando un nuevo mutante mitad bestia y mitad humano que conserva toda la inteligencia de Darwin y también posee una fuerza sobrenatural

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    darwin was a great scientist in creating mutant which was battling in the day he decided to create a new kind of mutant from the gene of an animals and a human but unfortunatly the all situation goes wrong and he just drink the gene thinking it was soft drink,and this reward him in turning him in a different strong and powerful mutant and now he is fighting in the arena... this is mine biography hope you like it :)

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    Darwin was walking when he met a wolf who was bleeding, so Darwin took to the laboratory that was where he was working on a new machine that could make a transfusion of blood from a human to a beast and use as donor blood to the beast, and after a few days he realized he had created a mut

    note: the beast is a wolf

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    While Darwin was messing around with some genes, he came up with an idea, to inject some zoomorph genes into one of his clones, creating this unstoppable beast

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    While in the lab,Darwin had an awful accident followed with explosion.When he finally woke up,Darwin we all knew and loved became a young werewolf.His special powers served to protect humanity.
    The End. :P

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    He was a normal boy with a normal life. he was happy but soon his life changed before he could know it. He suffered mutation due to radiation , some how his human gene had combined with monkey gene that is his cells have reacted and some of his gene changed to primitive gene of our ancestor ape`s. He thought his life was over but no he had heard about mgg and landed there with the help of darwin who had made so many mutants.In mgg arena he comes and enjoy fighting. i want to warn you dont ever make him mad.

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