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    This mutant is a creation tool kobojo company. with the aim to create a tool of war mutkhir and sold in various countries around the world , kobojo company experimented in making this tool . they plan to create a robot that has the ability like animals , but at one time there was an error in the program that is being done , there was an enormous explosion . dna of animals affected by the explosion together with gamma radiation . and created darwin .

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    Darwin was working late in the lab and mistook a formula he was working on for an energy drink. With the moon full and the formula strong, his instinct took over. Now Darwin is in the arena isn’t looking for cars to chase or mailmen to bite. Darwin, you are an animal! Awooo!

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    A man torn from past, present and future, unsure of when he comes from, is trapped in our time in search of that answer. Knowing that he's gone through physical enhancements, carries himself with an air of ferociousness and poise while still having a good time. He joins today's gladiators in hopes to find out when he comes from and who to punish for it!!! Hoping that each new victory brings him closer to the source of his troubles because his ability to see time and unable to cross through it bothers the crap out of him! But he hides his agony with his dashing smile, after all he still needs to look good.

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    As Darwin couldn't keep him self away from the action so he performed several experiments to make him worthy to fight after his all hard-work he is now able to fight in the arena and is trying to become the next champion...

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    NEO-URBAN made a machine to create a monster ; he with it clones Darwin and with this monster he try to kill all mutants in the Arena.

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    Darwin and his brother were two scientists but went separate ways now with the power of Baron Urban Marwin could confront his brother

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    he was a scientist but he was rejected for his stupid invention , but he tried it on himself and he beacome a terrible fighter , he is ready now to beat every one in the arena

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    despues de aver creado mutates aon adn unmanos darwin quiso crear uno suyo pero lo que no creo que pasaria que nese mutate era su lado malo
    y de ahi nacio darkdarwin pero el solo era un mutate devil en las arenas por eso drawin se encargo de colocarle amplificador de fuerza en su pecho ,
    darwin se aseguro que no fuera malo pero solo lo enpeoro con el amplificador de fuerza y de nacio darkdarwin

    en ingles

    after having created mutant human DNA aon darwin he wanted to create one of their own but I do not think it would happen to mutate nese was his bad side
    and there was born darkdarwin but was just a devil in the sands mutate so drawin is putting on custom power amplifier in his chest,
    darwin made sure it was not bad but we only enpeoro with amplifier power and was born darkdarwin

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    When Darwin saw Eva's Replication and Neo Urban XIII he said that he deserve a Clone Mutant too.So he extracted the DNA of the strongest creatures from The Earth and combined them with his own DNA and what happened?It happened,Darwin the new Clone Mutant who will use his force to Slash and Destroy the forces of Baron Urban to save the Mutant World and now this new force arrived into the arena so if you have some evil plans you should stay back and hide from this new Mutant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Hugo View Post

    Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

    To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

    • You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

    • Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

    • Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

    The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
    biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.


    1st position:
    500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

    2nd position: 500 Gold

    3rd position: 400 Gold

    4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

    Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

    Ready, Set, WRITE!
    En el año 2015 se decía que hombres lobo existían... Darwin lamentablemente arrastraba con una herencia familiar, pero usando su inteligencia derivó parte de sus genes a este nuevo experimento y así nació Ciberdarwin... Ahora no habrá quien lo pare, su inteligencia no es comparable y su fuerza es sin igual. Tendras que correr si lo ves.

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    Sabertooth- He became mutant when he wanted to work for Mutant X military. They turned him in to a mutant, he is part tiger and gave him a name Sabertooth...

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