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Thread: Login Issue

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    Login Issue

    I have just purchased this game and after installation on my iPad, The game freeze if i click "I'm New" for account creation and when I have created an new account on PC, Keeps saying "The information provided is not valid" when I attempt to login on iPad. It's like I can't get through to the server. I have tried through Wifi and through Carrier's internet, still facing the same issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same issue. When I try contacting Support, it asks me for e-mail and password which then gives an error that information provided is incorrect. I have resetted the password and even tried a whole second new account and still getting the same issue......

    I would like to be contacted by the Support to resolve this issue within 24 hours or I will raise an escalation to Apple Store and get a refund on this useless product.

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    Hi, i have the same exact problem, i believe that the user for the forum is not the same for the game?... i am really confuse about this...
    (sorry for my english)

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    Hello, it is not possible to create an account on PC.

    The only moment you can create a Zodiac account is at the end of the tutorial, in-game. This account will allow you to contact the support.

    That said if i understand correctly, when you try to create an account at the end of the tutorial the game freezes. Can you confirm me that, and let me know if it still happens now?

    Thanks you !

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    Hi Hugo, thanks for your answer, i am at work right now, and can not acces to internet through my phone, so if the game has a new update i can test it later. But until yesterday (maybe today something change...) i can not acces the tutorial, i click "i am new", the game star to load, and never finish loading... i have reinstalled, all my background aplicaticion was close, i tried air plane mode too and no luck!

    Thank you! And Sorry for my english i am from Argentina.

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    Hello, I just tried to reproduce the issue and did not face any issue after clicking "i'm new".

    Let me know, have a good evening :)

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    Hello, the problem persist, i cant pass the title screen, no tutorial, only a never ending loading screen. I belive is the same problem that is explained in this thread
    Thank you for reply!

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    Hello Raziel,

    What device are you using to run the game?

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    Hello Allen, I´m using an iphone 5s.

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    This game is broken! I got the same white screen-infinite-loading problem. Using an iPad Mini 4, OS v. 9.0.2. FIX THIS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pel0s View Post
    This game is broken! I got the same white screen-infinite-loading problem. Using an iPad Mini 4, OS v. 9.0.2. FIX THIS!!!
    We have release a couple patches since then, is your problem still occurring?
    If so have you sent a ticket to the support? You can do this here

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