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    Quote Originally Posted by stalion199 View Post
    if kobojo can do that he will loose some cash and no one will buy anymore & the game will automatic shutdown .
    Not everyone is a pay2win player such as yourself there and some people will never be able to spend money on this game so gifting them mutants wont make kobojo lose any money.

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    Trading/Gifting/Selling/ name it, it's been suggested many many times.

    The fact is, if I can breed as many Britanys as I want, no star, and give them away, Kobojo would never sell another one for gold or credits. The only suggestion I've ever seen that could work goes like this:

    I breed a Britany and immediately freeze her. Level 1, 0 exp.

    I tag her as 'for sale' and she leaves the freezer.

    She then pops up in 'The Black Market' for sale for gold. Kobojo sets the price, they get paid the gold, and the seller gets paid in credits at an equivalent of 50 credits per gold (just making up a number for example).

    This would make 99% of breedable mutants for sale at any given time (my guess) giving more opportunity for people to spend their gold.

    No players would gain gold by becoming a breeding factory so Kobojo wouldn't lose money there either.

    I wasn't an economy major, so there may be something else that would jeopardize Kobojo's profit margin in this idea.

    So basically, if there's a CHANCE that they'd lose income, it'd never come to fruition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rb Rb View Post
    I think it would be cool if you can send your friends some of your mutants. This would mainly be failed breeds that would be helpful to someone else rather than discarding them.

    The requirements to send a friend a mutant

    mutant has to be under level 10
    no stars
    not from reactor
    That is the best idea ever.But kobojo for sure is not going to add this XD,beacuse there is hackers I think who can send mutnats :P

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