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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlo Quisado View Post
    i think they just want us to spend our gold and use money in it. :(
    Entice us to spend sounds more reasonable to me. If they want us to spend gold....spend gold, we need an enticement. Either an obvious quid-pro-quo or a chance at something even a lower price.....but with risk involved.

    However you want to look at it, yes, Kobojo would undoubtedly like for every player to buy $20 worth of gold weekly. The more options they give us, the better chance they have of collecting.

    If their style of business isn't one you approve of or like or whatever, either play without spending a dime (you can play for free after all), or have fun some other way. Seems like a win-win to me.

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    you for got about the eggs, but i love the feature, great for the game, thanks for listening, and working to make the game even better. ps mustosterone isnt worth the time it takes to craft up, can we just sell trade or craft in to something random?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim Jack View Post

    I've seen this thought several times posted on FB. But please consider this:

    Crafting Gold and Silver stars will not be for everyone. Perhaps even a minority. Heck, likely just a minority! I'll give you that. But at the same time, those of us who've been around for a while have a plethora of Bronze stars we'd never otherwise use. For me, 125 Bronze->25 Sliver -> 5 Gold + 1400 gold = 3 Plat stars for cheaper than the only Plat star sale we've seen at 2 for 1 (1000 gold). Yes, if you take full price Gold stars + 1400 super craft = 3 Plat stars, you're just not thinking!! No one in their right mind should do that.
    I hear you; and with the situation you describe then it is quite the deal for you, and those are not a minority, and even if they were they ARE still customers with rights

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlo Quisado View Post
    up for this one!

    i think they just want us to spend our gold and use money in it. :(
    Carlo! When I wrote that their aim is for us to use gold, I didn't mean for it to sound bad. Kobojo is a business and their aim is profit.
    Actually, treating online gaming as a God-given right is a very wrong perception; virtual reality is not a for free it just has no physical form.

    What I was suggesting is that the need to consider a more appealing equation for most players while keeping their income flow.

    An extra Suggestion:
    For the Supplies Lab and since the outcome is known already, please consider this;
    A. Removing the confirmation message, I trust you will give me what I crafted :)
    B. One Click Multiple Crafting, If I add 23 Xp bars I get 1 Xp drink, If I add 230 Xp bars I get 10 Xp drinks, I don't need to repeat the process 10 times. Just like with selling multiple larva. It could be something like every time I click on Xp bars, I add 23 more of them, and the outcome is just a multiplication. Same with Mutosterone and Med Pack.
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    it got bug

    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Hugo View Post

    Dear Psy Captains,
    Are you currently drowning in unused items in your inventory?

    Urban unveiled the secret of his power and developed an exciting feature coming up next week!

    Expected release date: November 25th on Facebook, and Android, early December on IOS.

    Edit: Hello Psy Captains, unfortunately the Crafting feature has been delayed to tomorrow! Thank you for your patience and have a great day in the arena!

    Let us know how you feel about this new feature! Join our discussion thread and send us any questions you may have pertaining to this update! As always, we will be looking forward to your suggestions and constructive criticism!

    The MGG Team

    you know what guys ?! i've wasted 400 gold on super craft mission when i click the 400 gold craft man it got crashed then it doesn't complete the mission please give me back my 400 gold it sucks man it sucks

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