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    platinum bingo grid

    what about platinum bingo? we have bronze, silver, gold... why not platinum? just add some platinum mutants and do it with crafting building we have chance to get stars, so it would be awesome :)

    and other think... what about gold legendary grid? same mutants what are in legendary, but with gold stars only...

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    Sounds good, but you have to think on this... Right now is just impossible, Reasons:

    1.- The "Star Bingo" is always for the Originals. Those 36 Mutants and now just a few of them has "Platinum Version".
    2.- There are no enough Mutants to fill the Bingo Chart.

    Now, this is a Great Idea... Don't have any doubt about that, and more than just that, They will do it anyway, but not now if you think about the reasons I gave you... So, let's wait until that Day.

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