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    Statement: Price Change & Upcoming Episodes

    Dear Adventurers,

    We are happy to announce that starting today, the first episode of Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey will be available for $4.99/€4.99 on the App Store. (Note that this change will not impact every store simultaneously, so if you don't see the new price yet, it's because it hasn't reached yours yet - But it will soon!)

    Upcoming episodes are also expected to be $4.99/€4.99 via in-app purchase. New episodes planned for future release will add new worlds to explore, new characters to meet and new challenges to conquer! Finally, a Season Pass option, for gamers who want to purchase all future chapters at once, is expected to be available in early 2016 via in-app purchase.

    For the Early Z:OO Adventurers:
    As some of you may know, during Z:OO's launch, we accidentally did not make it sufficiently clear in the app store that this was only episode 1 of more to come. Even though we have advertised the game as an episodic gaming experience, some Adventurers were rightfully surprised that the entire 40hr+ adventure was not included in the original purchase. This prompted multiple internal discussions on how we should address the situation and we believe the fairest thing to do is to provide full Season Pass access to all Zodiac early adopters, who have purchased episode 1 for $8.99/8.99€!

    Furthermore, as we have informed you, our development team has been heavily focused on improving the game and today we will be submitting a new build to Apple with bug fixes, game improvements and an optimization for iPad Pro (Z:OO will run at 60 FPS, instead of 30).

    We absolutely thank you for your support so far and all the feedback which has been sent our way! We will continue to work hard to make Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey the most beautiful and exhilarating mobile adventure you have ever embarked on!

    Kind regards,
    The Zodiac Team
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