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    Angry ....NO ONE HEARD ME??

    I've posted a thread before with AN URGENT admin or game moderator replyed....I am wery pissed off...I've loss A LOT OF TIMES because of weak tags (zombat,lichlock,wrenchfury)....How do you call this a good choice when even our help in a battle is about luck...this is a shitty cashy game,they want to make you pay everything,,,they can't put an icon above our friend's tabel with the name of the mutant,level and star????...THEY CAN'T 'CUZ THEY WANNA MAKE US PAY MORE GOLD OR EVEN TRUE least do this to help us a little,you never helped us wery much,almost at all...Please HEAR MY VOICE KOBOJO!!!!.....Here is my original post!!!
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